Braden River High School

6545 E State Rd 70, Bradenton, FL 34203, USA

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    Jake Brian
    December 27, 2017

    From switching here from a private school, I've really enjoyed it. No school has perfect staff but i do like most of my teachers. Most of the ones I have are great people and do a great job at teaching. I think many of the rules make sense but i think they are also rules that need to be modified because the school seems to have a tendency to not use detention for its intended purpose of disciplining a person for doing something wrong and they are given out so lightly. I was almost given a referral for my ID falling off on my way to lunch. Other than that i do like the school and most of its staff.

    April 17, 2017

    I don't recommend this school. This is the first year that my grades have truly plummeted. I was doing good at the beginning of the year. I can't concentrate in math sometimes and so I asked my teacher about an equation I didn't understand because I couldn't pay attention and he said "how did you get into an honors class". I just sat there speechless and he walked off. Administration seems like they hate their jobs. seems like if you do something minor they get angry even if you comply with what they tell you. Some of the administrators are nice but the heads of administration act stubborn and treat us like children. Some of these other reviews are a bit exaggerated and it's not terrible, but it's not good. I don't mind the rules, they're not terribly strict, but if they changed some things I think everyone might like it better here. If it changes and gets better in the future I will delete this.

    Izzy Rines
    April 09, 2018

    I've had a good experience at this school, but many of my friends have not. We have fallen victim to our administrative body's harsh rulings about dress code, walking on the grass, and classroom distruption, among others. While I have personally done well here in the TSA program and in choir, I do not believe that administration always handles disciplinary action properly. Students should be allowed their choice of underwear, to state it bluntly. The student, Lizzy, should not have been forced to undergo humiliation because a male student was distracted. If I'm distracted by doodling, for example, shouldn't you discuss with me about my problem focusing, rather than forcing me to tear up the picture I drew? This metaphor also proves true for her case; the boy should have been spoken to, rather than the girl being pulled from her instructional time to cover up. Shame on the faculty that forced her to jump around as if she was not a human, just like you and I. Shame on you for making her feel unsafe and ashamed in what should be a caring, kind environment. Although my experience was quality, other students should be able to have the same feeling I do walking into their high school.

    Victoria Nichole
    June 16, 2016

    I swear I'm so sick of Braden River, I've never dealt with such a difficult school in my life. I've never had a school that has had so many threats and still let the kid attend to the school. I've never had a school where the staff is rude and half the teachers can't even teach. I've never and I mean NEVER had a GPA lower than 3.0 until I attended this school (This is only my first year here.) Braden River is such a horrible school and I honestly don't even understand how it's running anymore. Students literally can't even walk on the grass. Do you know how much faster it would be for us to get to our classes if we were allowed to walk on the grass? I know students that should have gotten into serious trouble for things that they've done but since they're close to the staff they get off the hook. It disgusts me how this school is ran. Tbh I don't care if the school sees this and I get in trouble, I hope they see this. Trust be told, I absolutely HATE Braden River.

    Dylan Beadle
    March 21, 2018

    Worst school i have ever been. Teachers are rude, non caring, or most of them dont even teach. Most teachers just hand you a packet or make you watch videos and have you teach yourself while they sit at their desks and do nothing. I dont recommend this school for anybody. The rules are ridiculous and they punishments for breaking the rules are usually way to extreme. This school has ruined my sophomore year. if i could post this without giving it stars i would. ;) :-)

    Braden River High School

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