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    Jade Rivera
    April 26, 2022

    The journey at this school was no walk in the park but the majority of the things in life aren’t. My experience has definitely been a unique and pleasant one. From Covid-19 to friendships, I have made great memories and obtained a career out of it in the process. You do have to put in a lot of work and extra time to receive the knowledge you need to succeed but it will all be worth it in the end. There are a lot of great teachers ready and eager to help you along the way and plenty of students willing to support you if you allow it. After 1 year of general studies, 9 months of scanning and 3 months of externship, I am proud to say that I have acquired a job and I beginning my road to register. It is my ultimate goal. Although I have officially finished all my class, the school is still allowing me access to the lab and other resources which I think is great. It has been a great experience and I do not regret anything at all.

    Erin Gilchrist
    July 22, 2022

    I have always had a passion for trying new things and have always wanted to do hair. My best friend told me about this school when I told her I wanted to take the plunge and become a stylist. As she was a graduate from this school and has been a successful stylist for almost 20 years, I took her advice and enrolled. Even though I am twice the age of all the current students, I thought I might not fit in, but was I wrong. I love the instructors as well as my classmates. Our instructors keep the classes fun and always challenge me to try something new. I am currently in my fourth month and am loving it. While I have been here I have not only garnered friends but regular guests that request me. This has boosted my confidence tremendously. This makes me challenge myself to do more advanced styles. During my second month here I was afforded the opportunity to do hair for Parrish Playworks production of Dearly Beloved. I did a total of six showings with four being at the Bradenton Convention Center and two private showings for the Lakewood Ranch Del Webb communities. I had an absolute blast and was even added to the playbill. So to say I am thoroughly enjoying myself would be an understatement.

    Linda Rohrman
    June 22, 2022

    If I had to base a review only on the woman you see as you get off the elevator, they'd get 1 star since she is a bad first impression of the school. I had a mani pedi and the lady who did mine was new & very nice. I gave 3 stars because there is room for improvement. I think they need to give a lot more hands on training though (and not just from videos) and since they're being taught manicures & pedicures they should have gel available and a larger variety of polish. There also needs to be more instruction on massage techniques. I realize it's a teaching college so I expect some errors but not due to lack of training & supervision. However I will go back with the hope for improvements.

    Taylor Visser
    July 21, 2022

    I’m currently a cosmetology student and yes i have learned the basics of hair but as far as spending $18,000 I feel I have wasted my money. My kit I received when I enrolled has already began to break down as it is jsut glued together , not every student receives the same tools inside the kit , out of the entire 12 months your in school the only time you can practice color is during the color month so for $18000 you have 30 days out of your entire time here to practice color unless you spend you own money and buy your own color , of course there’s clients who come in wanted the basic brown ,blonde, or grey coverage but actually experimenting and exploring that’s out , there has been some changes for the better and some for the worse when I was enrolled I was instructed to try and use my tools for pedis and manis as little as possible as the nail room supplies many extras now those tools have been tooken from us and were forced to use are tools so by the time you graduate you will have to buy new tools ;setting you up for nothing . I have also learned nothing about doing nails other than the basic painting and I have watched a 6 minute video on gels. You only get credit for cuts on clients so any cuts on a maniquin no credit , the list goes on jsut know there is cheaper options and you will learn wayyyyy more and hopefully be supplied with a well structured program

    Danielle Hayden
    October 04, 2021

    I absolutely love this school, I had some amazing educators , I love how they push you until you get it, there always there when you need them. I just finished the Ultrasound program and I must say I had the best teachers around Lisa and Janine and Marianna are the freaking best. Now, the program was changeling but most things in life are and when its something that you love and thrive for you are willing to over come that challenge at any means necessary. And when I say they were there every step of the way to pick us up and encourage us until the very last day. I thank God daily for the opportunity I was given at Meridian, what ever you put in to your education that is what you will get out of it, and that is with any and everything in life.

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