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    Reanna Spolarich
    March 05, 2024

    Horrible school. I wanted to be in the Ultrasound program but I got told since I have no medical background or experience that I would be better off being in either the medical assisting or billing and coding program. I also had to take a basic assessment test to see if I’d be eligible to be in the ultrasound program and the test was on a piece of paper and every question was tiny and bunched up right next to each other. I could barely even read the questions and I only missed by two. No multiple choice either and I don’t even remember the last time taking a test on paper lol. Anyways, I decided to take the medical assisting program which is $17,000!!! And the ultrasound program being $42,000!!! This school just wanted me to do a extra program so they could get more money out of me but literally at any other school that offers ultrasound, all you have to do is take your prerequisites and then you’ll be in the ultrasound program. Which don’t get me wrong, having some kind of medical experience does help when it comes to getting job placement as a ultrasound tech but you can get a job as a medical receptionist for the time being to get your foot in the door and I was working at a medical office as a receptionist after I started my medical assisting program and they even offered to train me to learn how to be a medical assistant which is crazy because it’s like here I was spending $17,000 on a school that was so nonchalant, some of these teachers would dress like there at home watching football, not professional at all and most the time I would show up to school without wearing my scrubs which you are required to but no one cared. Now don’t even get me started on the library. I had to use one of the computers to finish an assignment and all the computers are dinosaur/old. The elderly man who works in the library let me use his computer because his was the fastest one out of all of them and let me tell you, his keyboard was so nasty. I had dirt on my fingers like sir clean off your keyboard please. But here’s the worst part, I had to use Microsoft word and the Microsoft word was from 2003!!!!!!!!!! You’re telling me this is a private, very expensive school that can’t even update their Microsoft word to current time???? Like 20 years old? Be for real!!!! Literally no one at this school cares. Everyone is so laid back it feels like a joke, even my classmates felt the same way and that we weren’t really even learning. Save your time and money and go to any other college then here.

    Lily O'Connor
    September 26, 2023

    This is the worst school I have ever encountered. The ultrasound instructors bullied me out of the program and attempted to ruin my reputation based off student gossip. They will help students cheat during exams and push the students who cheat and score alot lower through, whereas they let the good scanners struggle. The instructors act as if their back in high school and students are no different. The pettiness is absolutely insane. Don't worry about trying to prove your worth, they don't care. I provided proof of students cheating, but did they do anything? Nope. They ended up favoriting those students instead. oh and don't complain! If you do, the didactic instructor will happily take away a week worth of scanning and then wonder why 80% of the class failed their scanning exam! I've also heard multiple students from even last year that have yet to be placed in a clinical site. Imagine going to school for 27 months to then wait a year to even go out on externship!! It's nuts! Pitiful school. Run FAR AWAY!!!!! Also, in case anyone is wondering, the ultrasound program is $42k of trash education.

    Jade Rivera
    April 26, 2022

    The journey at this school was no walk in the park but the majority of the things in life aren’t. My experience has definitely been a unique and pleasant one. From Covid-19 to friendships, I have made great memories and obtained a career out of it in the process. You do have to put in a lot of work and extra time to receive the knowledge you need to succeed but it will all be worth it in the end. There are a lot of great teachers ready and eager to help you along the way and plenty of students willing to support you if you allow it. After 1 year of general studies, 9 months of scanning and 3 months of externship, I am proud to say that I have acquired a job and I beginning my road to register. It is my ultimate goal. Although I have officially finished all my class, the school is still allowing me access to the lab and other resources which I think is great. It has been a great experience and I do not regret anything at all.

    Erin Gilchrist
    July 22, 2022

    I have always had a passion for trying new things and have always wanted to do hair. My best friend told me about this school when I told her I wanted to take the plunge and become a stylist. As she was a graduate from this school and has been a successful stylist for almost 20 years, I took her advice and enrolled. Even though I am twice the age of all the current students, I thought I might not fit in, but was I wrong. I love the instructors as well as my classmates. Our instructors keep the classes fun and always challenge me to try something new. I am currently in my fourth month and am loving it. While I have been here I have not only garnered friends but regular guests that request me. This has boosted my confidence tremendously. This makes me challenge myself to do more advanced styles. During my second month here I was afforded the opportunity to do hair for Parrish Playworks production of Dearly Beloved. I did a total of six showings with four being at the Bradenton Convention Center and two private showings for the Lakewood Ranch Del Webb communities. I had an absolute blast and was even added to the playbill. So to say I am thoroughly enjoying myself would be an understatement.

    Emma Shetler
    March 03, 2023

    Very unprofessional atmosphere in the salon. I went for a facial and it was awful. The students weren’t trained at all in this. I let the teacher know and was basically told he would just shut those services down for now. Seriously, I was not asked about allergies, my skin type, if I had sensitive skin. The students didn’t even look at my skin at all. My daughter was with me and they used the same bowl of water to rinse our face towels in. That’s so freaking NASTY. There was no massage included as the service says. There was no supervision from the teacher either. Just horrible.

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