R. Dan Nolan Middle School

6615 Greenbrook Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34202, USA

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    Cam Jewel
    May 26, 2017

    Quite frankly this school is horrible. The staff could care less about the students mental and physical health. Their pretty little perfect school is all they care about. The students there are horrible and cruel telling each other Horrible things bringing down people's self esteem and threatening to fight anything they lay eyes on. Mr. Boice stole money from the school and STILL works there. Ms. Jones is obnoxious, disrespectful and rude. This school shouldn't have the reviews it does. This school is horrible and I'm so ashamed that I even went to this school

    Ava Comegno
    December 31, 2015

    Terrible school and horrible staff. A lot of kids that attend the school have already gotten into smoking and drugs. Young girls are classified on the dress code router because of their body types. Thin and skinny girls can get away with betraying the dress code and wearing shorts and leggings, while curvy and thick girls cannot. Teachers can get away with talking to their students however they want. If a teacher gets suspended for hurting a student, which happened two times while I attended the school, then they will return right after a month. Most kids that I have spoken to hate this school and think it is unenjoyable. I attended this school for sixth grade as a new student with an unbiased opinion. It was the absolute worst year of my life. During the point of the year where they begin to serve breakfast for free, the staff had been serving pizza as an option for breakfast daily. One of my friends ended the school year with all D's and F's. She even had an overall 9% in one of her classes. There is multiple bullying incidents that occur on and off school grounds. You are required to wear your ID on your neck every single day. The dress code is terribly strict, though it only applies to people with an actual body. I definitely don't recommend this school to anybody, especially if you have just moved or are planning to move to Florida. Take it from me, not these positive reviews that have never seen better schools. My parents didn't like the school and neither did I. I moved back to New Jersey right after my sixth grade year. Please invest in other schools before choosing Nolan Middle School.

    Alanna Breitenstein
    May 30, 2017

    I have attended this school for 3 years and it truly was the worst experience i've ever had. The staff is terrible and does absolutely nothing if you have a problem because they are only concerned about them selves!! I was failing because my math teacher harassed, bullied and ignored me on the daily basis and Mr. boice and Ms. Jones took no reports from parents or students seriously about it. i wasn't the only student that has mistreated by this teacher. this school is actually terrible and don't think that anyone should go here. both staff and students are terrible and don't know how to treat people

    Betty White
    October 04, 2017

    Love the academics at this school. Many great teachers and lots of exciting organizations to be apart of. The student body, however is disrespectful and rude. Bullying is a major issue at this school. Not to mention the dress code is very strict.

    Mikayla Stokes
    April 01, 2016

    Best school ever! I love it here! I love everything about it! I have amazing friends, awesome teachers, and I love all my classes! I am class president in civics. I have all A's. I'm taking high school algebra honors in 7th grade. Next year I will be taking high school geometry. I absolutely love the school and everything about it! I have gone here for two years. It is my first public school. I went to a private school for 6 years in elementary school and I actually like nolan better than my private school! I definitely recommend this school and think you would love it too!

    R. Dan Nolan Middle School

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    6615 Greenbrook Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34202, USA

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